Watch The Y Combinator Female Founders Conference

If you are not at the Female Founders Conference at the Computer History Museum this afternoon, you are either a guy, out-of-town or one of the many that got turned away from the oversubscribed event.  

This is the first purposefully gender-specific Y Combinator conference and probably the first time the Computer History Museum has seen such a critical mass of women within its walls. The conference is seriously almost all women with an estimated 450 females in attendance.

The schedule has already kicked off and Y Combinator founder Jessica Livingston and Homejoy founder Adora Cheung have already taken the stage, imparting such apropos insights as “If you’re not the technical founder, then your job is everything that’s not technical” and “It’s best if you’re a user of the solution your startup offers. That way you can have a conversation with your users just by thinking.”

But there are many other female role models (Livingston holds that 2014 is the “tipping point” for women entrepreneurs) who have yet to take the stage, and you can watch them here. Video and schedule below.


1:30-2:20pm: Registration

2:20pm-2:40: Jessica Livingston (Y Combinator)

2:40-3:00: Adora Cheung (Homejoy)

3:00-3:25: Julia Hartz (Eventbrite)

3:25-3:45pm: Elli Sharef (HireArt)

3:45-4:05: Kathryn Minshew (The Muse)


4:25-4:55pm: Diane Greene (VMware)

4:55-5:25pm: Fundraising Panel (Danielle Morrill/Mattermark, Ann Johnson/Interana, Jamie Wong/Vayable, Michelle Crosby/Wevorce)

5:25-5:45pm: Elizabeth Iorns (Science Exchange)

5:45-6:05pm: Jessica Mah (inDinero)

6:05-7:00: Closing remarks/Cocktails and appetizers