AmEx Debuts Its Most Mobile-Integrated, Rewards-Focused Credit Card

AmEx has offered a number of different cards to consumers: The Blue Card appeals to those who like cash back options and the Platinum card is specialized for consumers who travel. There’s even a Black Card for high-net-worth individuals. Today, the company is debuting a brand-new rewards-focused credit card, called Everyday, aimed at consumers who use AmEx for most of their everyday purchases.

While the AmEx Everyday card is broadly focused on the frequent spender and “multi-tasker,” the core audience is the busy mom. As AmEx US Consumer Services President (and former Skype CEO) Josh Silverman explains, the typical Everyday card user uses credit and or debit cards at least twice a day. AmEx says that moms spend 18 percent more on monthly expenses compared to the general population (which, as a mom, I believe).

The card itself doesn’t have a yearly fee, and it allows for a revolving balance. Users will get double reward points at supermarkets, and if an Everyday card member uses the card for 20 purchases or more in a given month, AmEx will boost the consumer’s bonus points by 20 percent.

What’s interesting from a technology standpoint is the core integration with AmEx’s mobile app. When you open the app and integrate your card details, the app will recognize that you are an Everyday member and will show you where you are in the month toward 20 purchases. Users will also get notifications when they can apply rewards points to their purchases, a feature that is being rolled out more widely with this card. You’ll be able to use the points right away, redeem via your mobile phone, and the deduction will be implemented on your AmEx bill.

As Silverman explains, this integration with the mobile app “begins a more regular dialogue between AmEx and card members, and it brings benefits to life more in context.”

The card will be available for consumers to apply by April 2, 2014, and will also contain an EMV chip.

It’s not surprising that AmEx is appealing to the busy mom who controls a lot of discretionary spending in the household. But what’s distinctive about this launch is its integration with the mobile app — it’s not surprising that AmEx wants to engage with consumers on mobile beyond just using the apps to check balances or pay bills. The challenge is creating engaging features for consumers to want to open the apps more frequently. Rewards is one hook that AmEx has been particularly focused on, so it will be interesting to see how the multi-tasker┬áconsumer responds to this offering.