Workday Acquires HR Predictive Analytics Company Identified

After releasing earnings this afternoon, Workday has announced that it acquired Identified, a company that offered predictive analytics human resources software.

In a statement, Workday said the company’s “product development team is expected to enhance search capabilities and accelerate the delivery of predictive analytics and machine learning throughout Workday’s suite of applications.”

In November 2011, Identified launched to create a better professional job search engine. The company then pivoted to provide analytics-based recruiting software. Part of the company’s secret sauce was its patent-pending, artificial intelligence technology called “SYMAN,” which aims to organize the masses of disparate, incoherent professional data that lives in social media profiles in order to identify new insights into the job market.

Identified raised $22.5 million to date from investors including VantagePoint Capital, Capricorn Investment Group, Draper Associates, Innovation Endeavors, Social+Capital Partnership and others.

It sounds like Workday wants to bring Identified’s analytics technology to all of its applications. Identified also has a number of well-known data scientists and engineers, so Workday will also be gaining talent in this area.