Watsi To Change Its Logo Following Legal Threats From “Multi-Billion Dollar Health Insurance Company”


Watsi, a nonprofit startup that crowdfunds medical treatments for those who can’t afford it, has a problem: a company with lots and lots of money doesn’t like its logo.

Watsi announced this morning that it’ll be changing its logo by the end of March, following legal threats (trademark infringement) from an unnamed multi-billion-dollar health insurance company.

Given the color/graphical elements of Watsi’s logo (seen above), we have our suspicions as to where these legal threats might’ve come from. We’ve reached out to the company in question, and will update this post if we hear back.

Update: A quick search turned up this case between Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Watsi, wherein BlueCross repeatedly requests (and is granted) more time to oppose Watsi’s trademark.

Fortunately, Watsi is being a pretty good sport about the whole ordeal. They’re selling all of the company shirts they’ve got that still sport their old logo, with all profits going towards treatments for patients on their site. They’re also holding a public bonfire on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach on March 31st (the day their original logo gets the axe) to rid the world of all things blue-and-Watsi. From its post on the matter:

On the deadline of March 31st, you’re invited to a bonfire at Ocean Beach in San Francisco to bid farewell to all evidence of our blue logo. In the event you posses blue contraband after that date, we recommend wearing it inside out to prevent any further legal action ;)