CloudLock Launches A Fully Cloud-Based Selective Encryption Product

Cloud security startup CloudLock will launch new encryption product to make it easier for software-as-a-service and cloud platforms to protect sensitive data. Called CloudLock Selective Encryption, the product’s launch comes a few weeks after CloudLock announced that it had raised $16.5 million in Series C funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners, bringing its total funding to $28.2 million. It will make its public debut next week at the 2014 RSA Conference in San Francisco.

CloudLock Selective Encryption will protect data on the two platforms, and Google Apps, that CloudLock currently covers, as well as new cloud service providers the startup signs up as it expands.

Cloud traffic is expected to reach a total of 7.7 zettabytes, or two-thirds of global data center traffic, by 2017. For SaaS and cloud platforms, rapid growth also presents a significant security challenge because certain types of information have to protected in specific ways to meet compliance laws and regulations. This data includes personal information; credit card data; medical records protected under the HIPAA privacy law; and intellectual property.

By making it easier for customers to provide higher levels of security for just the data that requires it, CloudLock Selective Encryption can help cloud service companies scale up more efficiently while complying with security regulations.

CloudLock Selective Encryption looks for sensitive data and then automatically encrypts it to meet compliance laws without affecting the app’s performance. The product can be used for either end-user and corporate-governed encryption, and it protects data that is being uploaded to the cloud, as well data that is already in storage.

In a statement, CloudLock CTO and co-founder Ron Zalkind said: “We’ve heard from hundreds of our customers that the gateway-based and reverse-proxy solutions out there require heavy deployments, are highly prone to breaking cloud apps, and are often unavailable from mobile apps. CloudLock is provisioned completely in the cloud, in minutes.”

Image by picjumbo