Deepak Chopra Talks About Mindfulness And The Future Of Government

Deepak Chopra believes we can have it all. Through a melding of science and spirituality, this author, guru, and speaker has worked tirelessly to create new methods for mindfulness. He shared a few with us at TC HQ where we got the opportunity to talk about the future of democracy, the global citizen, and our own ability to control aging and health.

It’s definitely a lot to handle at once but hopefully his message of “be in the now” is helpful for the frantic entrepreneur trying to do 50 or a hundred things a minute. “Multitasking is the only skill that gets worse with practice,” he said. I think we’d all tend to agree.

Chopra is also expanding into online classes beginning with something called Timeless You. By using a MOOC platform called Siminars he’s been able to create and charge for a class on handling aging – making it one of his first real forays into the online education realm.

One of the coolest ideas he discussed was a networked method for sensing the mood of huge groups of people and allowing for a unique method for voting on global questions. We’re going to have a longer event with Chopra later this month, but until then, enjoy his thoughts on the future of humans and humanity.