Netflix To Premiere Final Season Of Clone Wars Animated Star Wars Show March 7

Long running animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars will have a new home for its sixth and final season – Netflix. The show will debut all 13 episodes of its last run on March 7 on the streaming video service for subscribers in the U.S. and Canada. The season is known collectively as “The Lost Missions,” and it won’t be the only Clone Wars content on Netflix come March: The entire series will be available to stream, including director’s cut versions of episodes.

The deal for streaming rights to Clone Wars content is described as “multi-year” in the press release announcing the news, which means that Netflix has locked down a hot property for itself from the now Disney-owned Lucasfilm studio. It’s also the first time Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been available to Netflix members at all, so if you’re a Netflix devotee and you haven’t yet seen the show (which originally appeared on the Cartoon Network in the U.S.), get ready for some highly satisfying binge watching.

This arrangement also represents a further cozying of the already cozy relationship between Disney and Netflix. Disney’s other super subsidiary, Marvel, is working with Netflix to create a number of original series based on Marvel superhero characters for airing in 2015, and a number of movies, both live-action and animated, will run on Netflix first from Walt Disney and various other studios at the media giant in 2016, including Pixar and Disneynature.

Netflix earned its current success in terms of subscriber numbers on the back of being a more convenient, if somewhat hit-and-miss library of rental content compared to physical video rental stores. The key to its future, however, likely lies in its ability to secure access to exclusive original content like Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Disney clearly sees the value in the model, and that’s a huge vote of confidence to have on your side.