Flickr At 10: 1M Photos Shared Per Day, 170% Increase Since Making 1TB Free

Social photo sharing site Flickr is now 10 years old, marking a decade since Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield founded the originally Vancouver-based startup. The site was acquired by Yahoo back in 2005, a little over a year after its founding, and reportedly paid around $35 million for the startup, which at the time had around 1 million very loyal and consistent users.

Flickr has grown to the point where it now has 92 million users, spread across 63 countries, who contribute to almost 2 million groups and share around 1 million photos every day. The site has weathered its fair share of criticism, especially among those who worried that its ability to impress and innovate would peter out after the Yahoo purchase. A major product redesign across mobile and desktop under Marissa Mayer impressed critics and users alike, however, and silenced many of those prognosticating an early death for the photo sharing site.

One other recent change has driven a lot of growth, too: Flickr says that photo uploads on the site are up 170 percent since it made 1TB of storage a free, standard feature for all users back in May 2013. One more big change is that the iPhone is now the most popular camera on the platform, and smartphones in general are popular. The iPhone took over the top spot back in 2011, and new models have risen quickly to the top of the heap ever since.