Game Frame Puts Pixel Art On Display In The Coolest Possible Way

Displaying pixel art at larger sizes in your house can be as simple as making a large print, but that means you’re stuck with a single image. San Francisco’s Jeremy Williams wants to make something a little more dynamic, so he has created the Game Frame, a square box with 256 LED lights that’s designed to make it easy to show off pixel art and OG video game art.


The Game Frame calls to mind a simpler time, when we used graph paper to create most digital art, and if you could assemble colored squares, you could help build a AAA video game title. It’s also a modern interpretation, however, and a way to display either your own original creations or those that live in your fondest memories.


Pre-installed on the Game Frame are 40 new animations from pixelart legend eBoy, but you can easily move your own over via SD storage using BMP files with a maximum resolution of 256 pixels (or 16×16, though larger images are supported via panning). The SD card can potentially store thousands of images, according to Williams, and the frame itself is Arduino-based and works with all existing Adafruit libraries, plus it’s fully modable, and has a playable Breakout clone pre-loaded, so it’s not just for showing off pretty art.

imagesBackers can pre-order a unit at $210 fully assembled, or less if you want to supply some of your own parts plus some elbow grease. They’re going to ship in June, according to the project page, in batches of 300 per month. Ideally, someone buys a bulk order and opens a gallery using these things, because they’re pretty awesome.