Atlas Wearables, A Hardware Battlefield Finalist, Sails Past Its Crowdfunding Goal

You get funding, you get funding, everyone gets funding!

Just two short weeks after launching, Atlas Wearables joins The Pocket Drone as the latest Hardware Battlefield company to hit its fundraising goal.

The company initially asked for a lofty $125,000 to build its uber-smart fitness wearable. As of today, with 17 days left in the campaign, Atlas Wearables has collected north of $196,000 on Indiegogo with the vast majority of its pledging ringing in as pre-orders.

Rather than just counting your steps for the day, the Atlas — which was shown off for the first time on stage at our Hardware Battlefield — is capable of determining exactly what exercises you’re doing to give you a better sense of both your fitness level and your form. The creators likened it to creating dots of paint in a 3D space. Then, along with other sorts of tracking, the device learns different exercises.

The company made it to the final round of the inaugural Hardware Battlefield at CES 2014. The judges questioned the device’s ability to track different exercises that were very similar. Apparently the masses on Indiegogo do not share in this concern or rather trust that the company can make good on its word.

Atlas Wearables’ Hardware Battlefield presentation