A16z Looks To Raise New $1.5B Fund, Primack Says

Andreessen Horowitz is raising a massive new fund, according to Fortune’s LP whisperer Dan Primack. The expected total for the new fund is $1.5 billion, giving the venture group sufficient capital to pursue deals at every funding point at scale.

According to CrunchBase, Andreessen Horowitz previously raised a total of $2.65 billion, meaning that this new fund would be equal to more than half of its prior total. The $1.5 billion new fund is the same size as the group’s’ Fund III that was put together in 2012.

It’s no accident that the funds are the same size, says Primack, who reports that the new fund will be “similar in structure” to the past fund. Given that, we can expect the new fund to contain monies for both early stage investment and large deals alike.

At the moment Andreessen Horowitz is regarded as some of the smartest money in circulation.

The group rose to prominence on the back of its massively lucrative investment in Skype, which was later sold to Microsoft for more than 8 billion dollars. In late 2013, Andreessen Horowitz announced a reticence to invest in companies at the Series A level, implying that its new fund will find a home in companies that are generally of larger scale.

Andreessen Horowitz declined to comment.

Top Image Credit: Flickr