Just Ahead Of The Winter Olympics, Gnip Adds Russian Network VK To Its Social Data

Social data provider Gnip is announcing its first integration with a Russian company, specifically social network VK (formerly VKontakte).

Gnip CEO Chris Moody notes in a blog post that Russia is one of the most “interesting” regions for his customers, and “while Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and others continue to see growth” there, VK remains “far and away the dominant social network” with 236 million users.

Moody added that in the lead up to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, “the demand for social data from VK has grown from a murmur to a deafening buzz.” Apparently Gnip has already been testing out the integration of VK into its Data Collector product, and it has been used by customers including Oracle and Adobe.

The Russian social network was also in the news recently because of rumors that it had hired Edward Snowden (rumors that turned out to be untrue). Founder Pavel Durov (pictured above) talked about competing with global companies at our Disrupt Europe conference last fall.

Gnip has made other moves towards global expansion in recent months, notably by signing Hottolink (which recently went public) as its exclusive sales agent in Japan.