Apigee Discloses $20.5M Stock Transaction To Pay For Predictive Analytics Company InsightsOne

Apigee has disclosed a $20.5 million stock transaction as part of its previously announced acquisition of InsightsOne, according to a filing with the SEC. Terms of the deal were not previously disclosed.

In its Registration D filing today, the company acknowledged the $20.5 million equity transaction was made in connection with the acquisition. In a statement, Apigee stated it did not close a new round of financing for this SEC filing. Instead, the registration is related to the acquisition of InsightsOne, but it does not represent the purchase price. The filing was required as part of the stock transaction between the two companies.

Since 2005, Apigee has raised $107.5 million, not including the $20.5 million equity  transaction. Originally Sonoa Systems, the company had developed a cloud gateway that it leveraged to become an API management company. In July, the company raised $35 million from a fund managed by BlackRock, Inc. and Accenture, the global consulting company.

With InsightsOne, Apigee will have a platform that helps companies find patterns in multiple data sources to, for instance, tell healthcare providers in advance about an unsatisfied customer. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded three years ago, InsightsOne, has $4.3 million in funding it received in 2012 from NorWest Venture Partners and several angel investors.

For Apigee, it’s a sign that the next year will be pivotal for the company. It’s either get acquired and collect a big check, or pursue an IPO. The bet on analytics seems right, but it’s a matter of market adoption more than anything else.

(Feature image via Flickr)