LG’s Life Band Touch Health Tracker/Smartwatch And Heart Rate Earphones Ship This Spring

LG’s Life Band Touch is a fitness tracker that offers smartwatch features, including incoming call notifications and display. It uses Bluetooth LE, and works with both Android and iOS devices. There are controls on the device that let you switch tracks, play and pause music and more.

For fitness tracking, the Life Band Touch can report steps taken, distance travelled, pace and even calories burned. It has a built-in LED display to let you keep track of all that data without activating your phone, and it’s water resistant. It can work with existing fitness applications, too, so developers can integrate it into their own offering.

IMG_6986The Life Band Touch is launching this spring in the U.S., along with the Heart Rate Earphones, which use an optical sensor to measure the blood flow to your ears to determine your heart rate, and add that data to the information collected by the Life Band Touch itself.