Medallia’s Amy Pressman On Extracting Value From Investors

In this three-part series, we hosted Medallia, an enterprise company that offers customer experience management software, and Sequoia partner and board member Doug Leone in the studio. In this segment, co-founder and President Amy Pressman and Leone talked about how they work together at Medallia.

After staying bootstrapped for a number of years, Medallia raised $35 million last year from Sequoia Capital. Pressman went through a thorough vetting process of Leone and Sequoia, and wasn’t sure if she even wanted to raise money. But as she explains in the video, she wanted to expand her sales team, and Leone and Sequoia made the best partners to help her and her company accomplish this goal. Extracting value from this partnership beyond just a check was top of mind for Pressman.

As we explained in our first segment, Medallia essentially helps companies track how they are doing with customers on a day-to-day and even minute-by-minute basis. Further, Medallia allows companies to act on that feedback continuously (and track the outcomes). The company measures customer feedback through all channels (web-based, social phone, call center, SMS, social, mobile).