Samsung’s Newest Ad Is Pretty Much The Worst

Worried that none of their recent commercials would take home that coveted “Worst Ad Of The Year” trophy, Samsung has swooped in with one hell of a last minute entry.

It’s like Samsung wanted to give us all a Christmas present. But instead of giving us socks, or candy, or a puppy, Samsung gave everyone a big ol’ box of cringe.

Like any masterpiece of cinema, the spot leaves the viewer with questions to consider post-viewing. Watch the commercial above, then join us below for some of our favorite bits:

0:15 – If a stranger asks “Want to see something cool?” on a ski lift, is the answer ever anything but “No”?
0:28 – Did he just kill someone? Pretty sure he just killed someone.
0:32 – Ey pree lady.
0:55 – “Check this out. I know I just met you literally 15 seconds ago, but I took 64 pictures of you.”
1:14 – Oh god why is he watching this video in a club who does that
1:51 – Why is she calling him? She JUST walked away from him. Seriously, she just walked out of frame less than 2 seconds ago. Maybe they’re both crazy.
2:12 – “Where’s this music coming from?” “From my phone, which I placed like 20 feet away for some reason”
2:20 – Jiggle fist pump.

Perhaps Samsung is just a master troll. Maybe. I hope.