Apple’s Mac Pro Is Now Available, Max One Out Now With A 4K Display For Over $13K

Apple is now selling its new U.S.-assembled Mac Pro via its online store, as announced yesterday in a press release. The pro-targeted computer starts at $2,999, but with custom options and maxed out specification, plus a single Sharp 4K display which also went on sale this morning, you can spend as much as $13,194.00. And let’s be honest, you’re going to want at least two 4K displays, so bump that up to $16,789.

The ship date for that super custom build is listed simply as “January,” but stock configurations are expected to be in the mail by December 30 according to current estimates. There’s also a personal pickup option, but so far any checked say that they’ll “ship to store,” meaning you likely can’t just walk in and buy one at this stage.

Mac Pro is definitely going to be a rarified choice among Mac models, reserved for those with deep pockets and advanced technical need, but it’s still an extremely drool-worthy machine even for those of us who don’t have the means to justifiably pick one up. The next time I have a spare $15,000 or so, though, you know exactly where it’s going.