I Guess It Was My Turn To Get A Creepy Pitch Video

[12/18/13, 5:12:24 PM] Bob Patterson: so this creepy santa video
[12/18/13, 5:12:28 PM] Bob Patterson: was that sent to you?
[12/18/13, 5:13:16 PM] Anthony Ha: yes
[12/18/13, 5:13:41 PM] Bob Patterson: I feel like you get an unusually large percentage of this crazy pitch email
[12/18/13, 5:13:54 PM] Anthony Ha: nope! that’s just what a lot of PR people are like
[12/18/13, 5:14:05 PM] Bob Patterson: also you may be sexually assaulted by a creepy santa is what i got out of that video
[12/18/13, 5:15:57 PM] Bob Patterson: you should write a post about how awesome xtranormal is
[12/18/13, 5:16:15 PM] Bob Patterson: if that even still exists
(Editor’s note: It doesn’t.)
[12/18/13, 5:16:19 PM] Anthony Ha: well xtranormal was used by a techcrunch writer
[12/18/13, 5:16:27 PM] Anthony Ha: to create the greatest PR-related video ever
[12/18/13, 5:18:41 PM] Bob Patterson: if I was that PR dude I would definitely go the next step and send you some coal if you didn’t write
[12/18/13, 5:19:02 PM] Bob Patterson: start leaving threatening heavy breathing voicemails, the whole 9 yards
[12/18/13, 5:19:15 PM] Bob Patterson: That’s just how business is done

(Transcript edited for brevity; video created by Plotagon.)