This Week On The TechCrunch Droidcast: We Give Thanks To BBM, Custom ROMs, And… Yoga?

Holiday weeks tend to be a little quiet, but there’s always something going on in the world of Android to dig into. This time around, though, Darrell and I roped in MobileSyrup’s Daniel Bader and our very own Natasha Lomas to liven things up before it goes quiet for a few days. And I daresay we pulled it off nicely.

Oh, but you want details. We four jolly bloggers couldn’t help but dig into BlackBerry’s curious new BBM preloading deal with Android device OEMs, and it wasn’t long at all before Dan and I shifted the conversation to the joys and tribulations of loading some custom ROMs on your smartphone (for the record, he’s a fan of Paranoid Android). Throw in some kooky startup ideas and some even more outlandish funding offers, and you’ve got this week’s show in a nutshell.

We’re not exactly the sappiest people you’ll ever meet, but we even had ourselves something approaching a heartwarming moment. Despite the fact that I’m the only one of the four who’s actually celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, I made everyone sit in a make-believe circle and share what they’re thankful for. Guess who went the classy route and chose something alcoholic? (Hint: it was Darrell.)

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