Microsoft Research Builds Office Remote, A Tool To Control PC Docs With Your Windows Phone

Good morning, super troopers. Out fresh this week is a neat little app from Microsoft Research that turns your Windows Phone into a remote to control Office documents on your PC.

Dubbed Office Remote (natch), the app lets you run presentations on screen, or on a projector, say, from your smartphone, so that you can wander around a conference room, bedazzling the audience with your ability to not misspell large words bolded in your title sections.

The app works with all forms of Office 2013, except for Office 2013 RT, so if you are rocking the new Surface 2, buzz off. It’s a neat little app that could make your grey corporate life slightly more lively.

Via the lovely crew at The Next Web, here’s what the Windows Phone client looks like:


You can snag the app here, if you are so inclined.

Top Image Credit: Flickr