The PUC Crowdfunding Project Comes To A Close, Bringing MIDI To All The Things

The PUC by Zivix is a clever little device that converts older MIDI systems into wireless powerhouses, allowing you to connect to iPads and the like with one small disc of electronics. Zivix, the maker of the Jamstik, is closing their crowdfunding campaign with $28,000 in the bank.

The company has been working on unique musical devices for the iPad for most of the year and are very close to production with both their products. The Jamstik, for example, is nearing production and should begin shipping in a month. The PUC will ship to backers in January.

I saw both products today and I’m impressed with how diligently the team has reduced latency in these experiences. As a semi-competent musician I’m well aware of the problems raised by messy wireless connections and Zivix has done their darnedest to work around the new limitations in MIDI connections imposed by iOS 7.