Movimento Uses Wearable Data To Create Unique Social Experiences For Fitness Junkies

Valley-based startup Movimento is looking to further exploit the flood of data coming out of our wearables. By creating a platform that integrates familiar social gaming concepts with products like Fitbit, Jawbone UP, or Nike FuelBand, the company is enabling users to compete with their friends and create unique challenges while keeping in shape and getting some exercise.

Developed by software house Werktab during the Glazed hackathon, Movimento’s initial idea was to gamify healthcare. However, its team quickly realized the potential behind it and decided to target both the consumer and enterprise sides of the market. The whole idea behind Movimento is simple – you connect your Nike+ FuelBand, Fitbit or any other supported wearable device with the mobile app. From there, you can create different challenges, invite your friends and directly compete with them. You earn points and badges throughout the process and build up your profile – think of it as an automated Fitocracy. Because it works with multiple devices you don’t all have to be on the Fitbit website or in Nike’s clutches.

Ivan Markovic, Movimento’s CEO, stated that the idea came from inside the company. “At Werktab we like to stay healthy and we love our wearables, but we’re also competitive. Movimento incorporates these things beautifully as it provides a unique social experience for you and your fitness buddies,” he said.

Movimento is hoping to further engage people when it comes to working out. At this moment only some of the tracker data is processed. Ivan points out that there are dozens of variables that can be monitored and exploited by the app. However, the basic ones, such as pedometer, physical activity and sleep time, are just enough to create a gamified fitness platform that works across the range of devices.

From the enterprise standpoint, Movimento is looking to provide valuable data to corporations and health care companies. By actively working out and following doctors’ instructions, users can receive different rewards. Companies can use this information to create the right health plan for each employee, effectively saving millions of dollars in insurance. Movimento is already a part of SAP accelerator and is actively raising a seed round with several undisclosed Valley firms. Markovic stated that demand for such a product is high, especially now that big companies such as Google and Samsung have entered the wearables game.

The company is currently running a closed beta with Markovic, promising a 2014 Q1 launch date.