Hardware Alley At Disrupt Europe 2013: Connected Home, Connected Car And More

TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2013 wrapped up in Berlin yesterday, but the show lives on in memory, and in video. Here’s a look at the companies that took part in our Hardware Alley exhibition, including some familiar to TechCrunch readers like Tado and Occipital Labs.

There’s also a company that wants to put electrical vehicle chargers in every lightpost, and one that makes a Fitbit for delivery and other industrial/commercial drivers. And a car that was maybe 3D printed? I still can’t really figure it out. But I sat in it, whatever it was.

Overall, Disrupt Europe had some of the most impressive and fully-formed hardware and gadgets I’ve ever witnessed at a Hardware Alley exhibition, and I think it’s telling that we also had a hardware startup (Lock8) win the Disrupt Europe 2013 Startup Battlefield. Europe’s got gadget fever, and the only cure is more hardware startups.