Retargeting Company AdRoll Says It Has Reached A $100M Revenue Run Rate

Online retargeting company AdRoll is announcing that it has reached a revenue run rate of $100 million.

To be clear, that’s run rate, not the actual revenue it’s going to see in 2013. (The company declined to provide that number.) However, it’s double the $50 million run rate that AdRoll announced at the beginning of this year. The company also says that it serves more than 10,000 customers in 100 countries.

A few days ago, we wrote that ad startup RadiumOne is preparing for an IPO with revenue of $100 million (it’s not clear in the story whether that’s anticipated revenue for 2013 or the current run rate, so I’m guessing it’s the latter). And last month ad tech company Rocket Fuel had a successful IPO after bringing in $107 million in revenue in 2012. So naturally, I asked if AdRoll has any IPO plans, and a company spokesperson that it’s “just super focused on growth right now.”

In the past, AdRoll has also trotted out the fact that it’s profitable, but when asked if that’s still the case, the spokesperson said:

Our overall goal is to reinvest in the business as we are focused on growth. We raised $15M last July with the purpose of investing heavily in the technology platform and growing our customer base in the US and internationally. Investing as much as we can to achieve those objectives is more important to us at this stage than profitability.

(So … that’s a no.)

The company recently made its first acquisition, buying analytics startup Bitdeli. At the time, co-founder and CEO Aaron Bell (who’s pictured with other AdRoll executives above) told me that he was planning to expand AdRoll beyond retargeting.