Lagoa Acquires 3D Editor 3DTin

Montreal-based Lagoa has acquired in-browser 3D editor 3DTin. The company announced its acquisition on its blog. 3DTin is used for 3D model and 3D printing.

3DTin, like competitors TinkerCAD and Sketchfab, allows you to make 3D models inside your browser window. These models can then be exported for 3D printing or further editing. The service will remain a separate entity and complement Lagoa’s photorealistic rendering solution.

The details of the acquisition are undisclosed. 3DTin founder Jayesh Salvi started the company in 2010. The 3D modeling space is heating up and these browser-based solutions – which rely on backend processing that many home computers may not be able to handle – are some of the most interesting tools in this market.

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