Edgertronic Kickstarter Project Makes Super Slow-Mo Video More Portable, Convenient And Affordable

Apple may have just introduced a very cool new Slo-Mo video feature with the iPhone 5s, but it only scratches the surface in terms of what’s possible with high-speed video. A new Kickstarter project wants to take extreme slow motion more mainstream, with a camera design called the ‘edgertronic’ that’s both compact and capable of capturing video at extremely high frame rates.

High-speed cameras currently available are both expensive and relatively bulky. They can cost upwards of $10,000, and are often the size of fairly large camcorders at best. But the edgertronic prototype will cost backers just under $5K, and the design is remarkably small – not too much bigger than a GoPro in fact.

The camera can capture footage at a maximum of 17,791fps, but at that incredible speed resolution will be limited to 192×96. HD (720p) resolution requires shooting at the slower, but still massively impressive 701fps. Compare that to the 120fps that the iPhone 5s shoots 720p video at, and you start to get a sense of just how slowed down the edgertronic’s video can get.

Edgertronic’s production-ready design features an Ethernet and 2 USB ports for connections, has an audio input port, and supports Nikon F-mount lenses. If you back it on Kickstarter, you can get an accessory pack that includes an Ethernet cable, power adapter, a Nikon 50mm f/1.8 D lens and more.

The SF-based team behind Edgertronic includes founder Mike Matter, who has worked on a number of consumer electronic and commercial/industrial grade electronics over the years, including the Apple Powerbook 540c. Joining him and his decades of experience are Juan Pineda, his co-founder and the software architect for the project, along with a team that includes industrial design, power management and Linux expertise.


Edgertronic is confident its camera is production-ready, and the proof is in the pudding, which in this case means those slow-motion videos you see above. The projected ship date for its initial group of devices is December, 2013, with a follow-up batch planned for delivery in April, 2014. $5K is still a lot of dough, but if you’re a sucker for super slow-mo, this could be the best game in town.