Yahoo Monthly Active Users Are Up 20% To 800M, Including 350M On Mobile, Says Marissa Mayer

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced today at TechCrunch Disrupt that Yahoo monthly active users are up 20% to 800 million globally, including 350 million monthly active users on mobile. Mayer said those figures are increases since she took over as CEO in July of 2012, and that they do not include Tumblr, the high traffic site that Yahoo bought for $1 billion earlier this year.

Mayer noted that it will take Yahoo “three or more years” to get the company where they want it, by focusing on four key pillars:┬ápeople, products, traffic, and revenue. She explained this strategy as a chain reaction of attracting great people to build great products, which will in turn attract users, who can then generate advertising (and other) revenue.

Mayer said the company’s core products, especially┬ásearch and mail, have seen significant growth. She noted that the company’s best products historically, like mail, news, and finance, are things that people consume on their phones. Mayer said the mobile team has grown since a factor of 10 since she took over, as she pushes Yahoo’s mobile products to take advantage of the company’s historical strengths.