India Pavilion At Disrupt Showcases A Diverse Range Of Companies [TCTV]

TechCrunch is coming to India with a TechCrunch Bangalore Meetup in November, so it’s only right that we ran though the companies on the India Pavilion at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. As you can see, they are a diverse bunch, from CRM to running Android in the cloud.

“Agile CRM is an all-in-one complete CRM solution having contact management, marketing automation, web analytics, telephony, 2-way emails, real time activity alerts and much more. With Agile CRM, small business owners can now have a simple and easy social marketing process that lets users send emails and tweets automatically with no human intervention and more.”

“AppSurfer runs Android on the cloud and makes it accessible from any device or platform. AppSurfer provides tools for developers to demo their apps from the web itself, without installing. These demos can be embedded on blogs, product pages, press releases etc. AppSurfer demos help developers generate a continuous stream of downloads from the web.”

“ShepHertz’s endeavor is to make App developers successful on the Cloud, irrespective of the technology or platform on which they are developing. All our products focus on making App developer’s life easy and augment their business. ShepHertz is a access channel and technology agnostic cloud computing platform (BaaS & PaaS) service provider.”

“Voicemail service with a virtual assistant”