The Zivix PUC Connects Any MIDI Device To Your iOS Device

Believe it or not, people still use MIDI. That said, wouldn’t it be cool if you could connect your MIDI keyboards and drum machines to your iPad so you can add some serious breaks to your latest musical production? With the PUC, an Indiegogo project from the creators of portable guitar called the Jamstik, now you can.

Zivix makes wireless instruments for the information age, and this is their latest creation. The PUC connects 5-pin DIN-based devices to WiFi and is powered by two AA batteries or micro USB. It is about as big as a real hockey puck and is IN/OUT switchable. Any CoreMIDI over WiFi compatible app will work with the PUC.

Why is this cool? Well, it makes almost every older (and newer) MIDI device iOS-compatible. It also makes it a bit easier to do cool onstage and in-studio stuff with instrument placement.

The company will build the first PUCs in the U.S., an interesting choice that should speed up development of the product. They are looking for a total of $50,000 and have just passed $5,000 in pledges. They are offering a special Disrupt price of $69 right now, about $30 off the final MSRP.


While the PUC may not make you a red-hot studio musician overnight it’s nice to know that someone out there is still thinking of the MIDI-heads.