AdYapper Raises $1.2 Million To Analyze Ad Viewability For Digital Campaigns

AdYapper, a real-time ad analytics service, has raised $1.2 million in seed funding. The round was led by KGC Capital and joined by angel investors, including David Cohen, Laurel Touby, Paul Sethi, Sameer Jagetia, Ari Newman, Vip Sandhir and Dave Lerner.

Recently launched out of TechStars, AdYapper approaches digital marketing campaigns with a focus on ad viewability. There’s a lot of opportunity in ad viewability, since advertisers have been struggling with the best approach to analyze exactly who sees their ads. ComScore released a report earlier this year that said three out of 10 ads are never seen.

To address this problem, CEO and founder Elliot Hirsch tells me his platform is able to measure viewability on 95 percent of all ad impressions. Hirsch says this is in contrast to the traditional geometric approach, which can only measure viewability on 50 to 60 percent of ads.


AdYapper provides metrics such as VCTR (viewable click-through rate) instead of the traditional CTR measurements. The service also gives brand exposure duration, viewable user frequency and viewable user reach. Hirsch tells me AdYapper combines these proprietary metrics with standard metrics to create custom analytics for each user.

“We also believe that viewability alone isn’t just the answer to the problems that digital marketing is having,” Hirsch says. “[AdYapper is] built around this real-time flexible platform, that we are then able to mold to each of our clients’ particular use cases.”

Several other companies are trying to move in on ad viewability, including Meetrics and Integral. However, Hirsch tells me both these companies use the geometric approach, which gives a less accurate measurement. He says AdYapper distinguishes itself by providing ad viewability measurements across multiple platforms and devices, as well as the ability to present findings in a user-friendly way.

“Clients are executing buys across multiple networks, with multiple different types of ads, on multiple platforms and devices.” Hirsch says. “They need a way to reliably and independently measure key data points about their ads (including viewability). They also need the data delivered real-time via API for RTB, programmatic buying, and attribution modeling, as well as clear action items presented in a beautiful UI, in one format, not just numbers on a page.”