In An Apparent Bug, Some Twitter Users Report Avatar Photos Being Replaced With Default ‘Egg’

A number of Twitter users apparently noticed Tuesday evening that their personal photo avatars had been abruptly replaced by the default “egg” image that accompanies profiles from users who haven’t added a custom photo of themselves.

What’s happened to all those artfully posed selfies? Was all that time constructing a flattering yet also somehow self-deprecating and goofy profile image in vain? What if Justin Bieber turns into an egg? Let’s all knock on wood and hope that we never find out — and that the images are restored soon.

We’ve reached out to Twitter for an eggsplanation of what’s happened, and when and how it will be resolved. We will update this post with information as soon as we hear back.

Update: Twitter has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix.

Update 2: The nightmare is over and the issue has purportedly been resolved. If you have an account that was affected by the bug, if you upload a new photo now, it should stick.

Here are a few Tweets from users noticing the change: