Website Editor Jimdo Launches An iOS App So Users Can Build And Edit Sites From Their Phone

Jimdo, a Hamburg-headquartered company offering easy-to-use tools for building websites, already seems pretty mobile friendly. Jimdo-powered sites can also be viewed in mobile-optimized layouts, and earlier this year the company announced a “mobile express” format, where businesses create a landing page that highlights their most important information.

What’s left? Well, actually creating and editing sites from a mobile device.

So today, Jimdo is launching an iOS app enabling those very tasks. This is one of those mobile launches where (unfortunately) I wasn’t able to try the app out ahead of time, but co-founder Christian Springub said the app will allow users to start a website from scratch, add new content,¬†update the content of existing sites, add or delete pages, view how the site will appear in desktop and mobile, and check statistics.

I’m guessing it would be pretty easy to overload a smartphone screen with different menus and controls, but Springub said team members put a lot of effort into simplifying the interface. He added that they basically scrapped the initial version of the app, because it was guilty of “web thinking,” whereas the version launching today comes from a “better understanding of mobile” and how to use the touch interface.

[vimeo 71247568 w=500 h=281]

But is this something people actually need? I mean, I can see making minor tweaks from a phone, but why would you need to create a website while you’re on-the-go? Springub said even without the app, Jimdo is seeing users log in from their tablets, and he noted that they might create the broad strokes of a website from a phone or tablet and then refine it once they’re back at their desk.

Jimdo isn’t the only company in this market that thinks mobile editing is important. Weebly, for example, launched a mobile editor earlier this year. (At the time, Weebly also said it has been used to create 15 million websites, while Jimdo says 8 million sites have been built on its platform.)

You can download the app here. Oh, and if you’re an Android user, Springub said Jimdo will start working on an equivalent app soon.