Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Isn’t A Smartphone, Will Ship Soon Along With Galaxy Note 3, According To Reports

Samsung is readying its fabled Galaxy Gear device for a September 4 introduction alongside the Galaxy Note 3 phablet-sized smartphone, according to Bloomberg, and the Gear smartwatch won’t be a full standalone smartphone, says The Verge in a separate report. Both of these devices will be shipping soon, with the Note 3 arriving in September and the Gear arriving in October, per one final report from SamMobile.

The confluence of rumors around new Galaxy devices from Samsung likely isn’t a coincidence; Apple is readying new products for a September 10 introduction, which includes a new iPhone and iPad, according to Bloomberg’s latest information today. Samsung is looking to steal a little bit of thunder ahead of that launch with the unveiling of its newest gadgets, the reports suggest, and a smartwatch, launched ahead of Apple’s own rumored iWatch, would definitely grab a lot of attention from media and consumers, if only because of novelty value.

Samsung_Galaxy_Gear_Patent_Design-900-80Bloomberg previously reported that the Galaxy Gear was a smartphone that you wear like a wristwatch. But a new report today from the Verge contends that it’s not a phone, as it lacks its own SIM and cellular radio, and instead links up with a dedicated smartphone to perform call functions. That makes a lot more sense, given all the challenges that would come with making wearable tech truly convenient to use (i.e. building something you don’t have to charge every few hours) and the additional cost that would likely come with a full-fledged, wrist-borne smartphone.

Other details that leaked today include the fact that the Galaxy Note 3 won’t be available in a 16GB variant (makes sense, given space demands of increasingly powerful mobile operating systems and decreasing cost of flash memory components), along with the fact that we’ll probably see a new Sony smartphone introduced September 4, too. This is also reasonable given that that’s just ahead of the iFA Berlin international consumer electronics show, when new devices often make their debut.

In other words, it’s going to be a busy fall, with lots of new products introduced, including the gold iPhone from Apple, apparently (just backed up by AllThingsD). Which circus animal will get the most eyeballs is the biggest question that remains now.