Is Like Ikea For Open Source Zealots

Furniture is probably the last thing on the mind of most open source proponents but now it doesn’t have to be. OpenDesk is a free, open source line of furniture that you can make yourself or order unassembled from a maker with a CNC machine. Not only is the furniture cheap – free if you have the wood and hardware – it’s actually cool-looking.

Created by Joni & David Steiner and Development 00, OpenDesk is the first project that is compatible with FabHub, a site that allows you to search for fabricators in your area. You could also find someone with a ShopBot to cut the pieces for you and drop them off at your domicile or office.

The designs are available for download in .dwg and .dxf formats, machine readable models that allow you to power a robotic CNC. You can also download an PDF of the plans if you want to try to build the hardware by hand. They have a number of pieces including a couple of cool desks and a stool.

While Ikea is probably still safe in the cheap furniture racket, it’s clear that DIY furniture is becoming simpler and simpler to build. Add in a robotic metal-cutter and some 3D printers and you could feasibly build an entire office set – down to the pen cups – in a few days.