Inventory Management Platform TradeGecko Launches Online Ordering, Starts Taking Beta Users For Its Mobile App And WooCommerce Integration

TradeGecko, the cloud-based sales management platform that we profiled in December, is busy building its product portfolio. The startup, which offers small businesses streamlined alternatives to traditional sales and inventory management tools, just launched its Online Ordering tool. TradeGecko’s first mobile app is set for a September debut and WooCommerce integration is also coming soon.

Founder and CMO Carl Thompson started TradeGecko with the idea of saving merchants from the spreadsheet hell he encountered while running his own streetwear clothing label. TradeGecko’s new Online Ordering tool continues that ethos by giving wholesale businesses a more efficient ordering process.

“Traditionally, the wholesale business would supply their retail customers with a physical order sheet via fax, or an electronic version via email. Creating these order sheets and managing data from completed orders is a time consuming nightmare vulnerable to errors,” Thompson explained to me in an email.


The clean and simple interface of TradeGecko Online Ordering is designed to replicate the standard order sheet used by retailers.

“Being able to see account details, order history and available stock creates transparency between you and your customers,” says Thompson. “This boosts customer confidence, trust and results in increased sales.”

Once buyers enter an order, it is pushed into TradeGecko as pending orders for users to accept and fulfill. Thompson says that the simplified process helps eliminate double handling errors. The company hopes to add an online payment feature to TradeGecko Online Ordering soon.

The startup’s first mobile app, which is currently taking on beta customers and scheduled for an early September launch, will allow traveling sales representatives to create orders and view up-to-date customer and product data.

“We take a holistic approach to business software and see TradeGecko at the center of a much bigger business ecosystem,” says Thompson.

Before founding TradeGecko, the startup’s team began developing a mobile sales app that worked on top of Netsuite and Salesforce. After joining Singapore-based incubator program JFDI and working with mentors like Lumatic CEO Scott Rafer and Scrive board member Boris Nordenstrom, they realized that business model was unrealistic. TradeGecko’s upcoming app lets the team come full circle by launching a mobile sales solution on top of their own platform, says Thompson.

Along with its mobile app, TradeGecko is also taking beta customers for its upcoming integration with WooCommerce, the fast-growing e-commerce platform for WordPress that has scored over 1.2 million downloads. Integrating WooCommerce-powered stores with TradeGecko will enable vendors to use a single platform to manage multiple sales channels (such as e-commerce, retail and wholesale), saving them from having to manually update inventory across multiple systems.

Learn more about TradeGecko’s upcoming integrations and app here.