Anthony Weiner Has No Idea Why He Didn’t Use Snapchat Either

Today during a BuzzFeed Brews session with Ben Smith, New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner was asked why he didn’t use Snapchat during his infamous sexting campaign with half the single women of the United States.

His answer will rest immortal: “I don’t have a good answer to that.”

It isn’t clear whether Weiner is simply unaware of what Snapchat is, or whether he feels foolish that we have all seen so much of his genitalia, and that it could have been avoided with a simple app download.

Then again, Carlos Danger ain’t afraid of no digital paper trail. And where’s the fun in knowing you won’t get caught, right?

Unless Snapchat doesn’t, you know, delete all that shit.

As soon as we have the clip, we’ll post it here.

(Alexia has some sort of conflict of interest with this post that I don’t care about.)

Top Image Credit: Max Talbot-Minkin