GenieDB’s New Distributed Database Service Addresses Coming NSA Fallout Over Failed Data Protection

GenieDB has launched a MySQL distributed database service to manage data across multiple regions and cloud providers, making it suited to companies with concerns about the NSA having access to their data.

The GenieDB technology sits is in the storage engine of MySQL, described as the “gut” of the database by its executives. The service stores and retrieves data on the disc when needed. When modified, GenieDB has a register of what happened. It is administered by the GenieDB administrators who define which nodes or which regions the data gets delivered.¬†Executives say the distribution of the database allows for higher availability of the app. If a region goes down, the app can switch over to the database running somewhere else.

Data can be kept within the borders of a country because the technology is in the storage engine of the stack, allowing the user granular control. Data can be isolated or replicated, depending on what the user wants.

It’s that capability to keep the data isolated which could prove valuable to companies in wake of the revelations about the NSA’s backdoor access to data and the potential violation of the International Safe Harbor Act which requires data from European countries to be protected when in the United States.

There will be the need for more sophisticated services that provide granular control over data. It’s why companies like, another database as a service provider, could have success by providing ways to move data but with the security that the law requires.