Watch NSA Chief Gen. Alexander’s Speech To Black Hat Defending His Surveillance Work

General Alexander, head of the National Security Agency, recently took the stage at the Black Hat security conference to reiterate that what the NSA is up to is legal, efficacious and, frankly, hardly controversial.

Given Glenn Greenwald’s deep and broad leaks concerning the general’s activities, the NSA had a skeptical audience to convert to its side. For a dive into TechCrunch’s first take on his speech, head here. For notes by those critical of his remarks, this is your jam.

It’s worth noting that on the same day as this speech, Greenwald and Edward Snowden broke the news of XKeyscore, which gives NSA analysts the ability to pull up the full content of email and other messages without a warrant.

Here are the slides in question, and here’s his take on the current privacy scandal:

Top Image Credit: ttarasiuk