The Fuel3D Is A Handheld, High Resolution 3D Scanner For Sub-$1,000 That Can Grab Faces & Textures

Makers and 3D designers who want to replicate the shape and colour of real-world objects in their creations clap your eyes on the above gizmo. The Fuel3D is a handheld, high resolution 3D scanner, which captures 3D photos of real-world objects/subjects and, in conjunction with its creators’ software, turns them into a 3D model with accurate geometry and colour.

With 3D printers taking off, the demand for object scanners is likely to rise — especially affordable scanners, and the Fuel3D’s creators areĀ aiming to ship this high resolution 3D scanner with a sub-$1,000 price-tag. Or that’s the plan, if it achieves itsĀ Kickstarter funding goal of $75,000 — all but certain, given it still has 31 days left to run on its campaign and less than $10,000 required.

A sub-$1,000 price-tag is not as cheap as the Photon 3D scanner we covered back in April — which was on Indiegogo for $399 — but that scanner was specifically focused on object scanning, with a small turntable design. Whereas the Fuel3D is more freestyle in what it can scan, allowing for human faces to be captured by holding the device up and taking photos in conjunction with a small target placed next to the face.

Its high resolution 3D capture also allows for detailed textures to be captured, providing a variety of use-case scenario for animators, game developers and 3D artists. In other words, this could be a handy office gadget for your gaming startup.