GoPro’s Action Cameras Get More Social With iOS, Android App Update

It now takes even less time to show off your mad shredding skills. With the latest update to the GoPro companion app, owners of the popular action cameras can now view, edit and, most importantly, share content from a smartphone or tablet.

The app is simple enough. It connects to GoPro cams through a WiFi signal, giving owners a large set of available tools. The cameras can be viewed and controlled from a smartphone or tablet, for one –this includes adjusting the dozens of available settings on each little guy. Owners can also view, manage and download content from the camera to their phones. From there, it can be shared like any other media. Upload the action to Geocities or FriendFeed like you would any other picture.

This update again shows how GoPro has long maintained its dominance in an increasingly competitive market. From offerings from major brands like Sony to upstarts building options for smartphones, the action camera market is getting awfully crowded. But GoPro has steadily released substantial updates to both its hardware and software to keep the products fresh. Combine that with the very aggressive targeted marketing and it’s clear how GoPro stays on top.

This update is available now and is compatible with the GoPro Hero3 and Hero2 cameras once updated to the latest firmware.