Twitter’s Sunnyvale Office Is Open And Hiring

It looks like Twitter is now hiring out of its new Sunnyvale, Calif., office.

The leasing of an 8,000-square-foot office in downtown Sunnyvale was first reported in May — apparently that should hold between 40 and 50 employees.

Twitter recently posted its first job listing for that location. It’s looking for a “software engineer, core runtime diagnostics.” The company wants someone “awesome, passionate, and nice,” so, y’know, apply accordingly.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that the Sunnyvale office is now officially open, but declined to comment further.

At this point, the company has locations around the world, so one more office doesn’t seem like a huge deal. But it’s interesting to see that one of the pro-SF symbols in the Silicon Valley-versus-San Francisco startup debate is also building a presence in the Valley — albeit a relatively small one for now.