Spotify Promotes Its First “Official Comedy” App Built By Bedrocket To Prove It’s More Than Music

Spotify’s scope keeps growing as it tries to attract free listeners and show it’s worth a subscription. Today it began promoting a new “Official Comedy” app built by Bedrocket and SMPapps that surfaces its best humor content. Standup performances and one-liners from Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK, Aziz Ansari and more curated by the app could remind people to open Spotify when they want to laugh, not just rock.

The app was created by the aptly named Official Comedy division of Bedrocket, a media company best known for its YouTube channels. While an email I received from Spotify said the app was launched “in partnership” with Bedrocket, I’ve spoken with Spotify’s Graham James and Official Comedy’s AJ Sarcione who confirm that Spotify didn’t do anything beyond provide the content and platform as it’s done for other developers. The app was designed by SMPapps, which builds “bespoke Spotify apps,” including ShareMyPlaylists and branded ones for Coca-Cola and Purina.

Official Comedy is using the expertise and relationships it’s developed running its home on YouTube to make it easier to find funny audio. The Spotify app features timely humor content like “Who Doesn’t Love  A Good Sex Scandal,” a playlist of comic bits themed around the recent exploits of Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner and other humiliated politicians. You can browse by “Funny Now,” “Comedians,” “One-Liners” and “Playlists.” It can be found with this link, or by opening the App Finder in the Spotify sidebar.

The app is the 92nd built on the Spotify platform, which launched in November 2011 and was designed to help users navigate the streaming service’s daunting catalogue of songs and more. Showcasing content beyond music is critical for its fight with services like Pandora, Google Play Music All Access, Rdio, Slacker and the upcoming iTunes Radio. Several of those services include comedy radio stations, as well as access to talk radio and other non-music. Spotify can’t afford to appear incomplete, but right now it’s predominantly known for its on-demand song selection.

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Disclosure: My cousin formerly worked for Bedrocket, though not in the Official Comedy division. He now consults for them, but had nothing to do with me hearing about this.