Happy Birthday To Alex Wilhelm, Our Newest TechCrunch Writer

Alex Wilhelm is turning 24 today, but he’s been writing about tech since his sophomore year of college. So he’s joining us now with four solid years at The Next Web, where he wrote about Microsoft, finance, tech policy and the broad range of startups that have helped define this era.

He’ll continue writing about those same topics and will also be focusing on monetization on mobile, and the changing nature of online software business models.

It’s worth adding that Alex has become a bit of a monster on Twitter, regularly pumping out a flood of at-replies to anyone who comes near… including to the official accounts of large content sites like The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed*. This is fine by us.

In fact, since TechCrunch is such a freewheeling place anyway, we expect him to really start going to town here, like so many others have before him.

Please wish our newest TechCrunch writer a happy birthday and warm welcome.

(Check out these tumblrs somebody made of him at-replying if you dare. The obligatory disclosure about us having a parent company in common with HuffPo.)

(In a less obvious disclosure, he and I both grew up in Corvallis, Oregon, although we went to rival high schools and were years apart — in fact we have no friends in common back home. This brings the total number of TechCrunch staffers from or based in Oregon to 5. Whoo!).

Photo by Spencer Chen