Dear VCs — Join The CrunchBase Venture Program And Get Better Startup Data

Back in April we announced the CrunchBase Venture Program for the free CrunchBase startup database. We announced the firms that helped shape the CrunchBase Venture Program including Sequoia Capital, Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, DFJ, SV Angel, 500-startups, Betaworks, Softtech VC, CrunchFund, Foundry Group and TechStars. We would like more. And we want all venture firms in the world to participate, but especially in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

And especially as we have Disrupt Europe coming in October which will be very international in nature. You can apply to enrol in the programme by filling out this form.

This is a program to appeal to venture firms that want to improve CrunchBase’s data set. Under the program, Venture firms who join agree to work with the CrunchBase team to get public information on their portfolio companies — including funding updates, staffing changes, product launches, and acquisitions — into CrunchBase in an accurate and timely way. What our partners get in return is much better access to the CrunchBase team and API. Plus, of course, everyone gets enormously improved data out of CrunchBase. Investors researching new companies, founders, entrepreneurs looking for investors and talent, everyone benefits. And it’s all for free.

The data can be passed to CrunchBase in whatever form is most convenient (an RSS feed, emails, spreadsheets, documents, twitter feeds, XML, … it’s doesn’t matter) and we will update the CrunchBase profiles on your behalf. In return members of the Venture Program will be provided an easy way to contact the CrunchBase team to flag omissions, offer suggestions, and receive API support.

Today there are 200+ members, and they are helping drive a big increase in funding and other date to CB. So much so in fact that we launched the CB Daily email, which lists 30-40 new fundings daily.

There are 2 million people using CrunchBase each month. Over 120,000 people have contributed 1.6 million data points on companies, entrepreneurs, fundings, exits and more. Indeed, CrunchBase may well be the most accurate database in the world when it comes to the Europe start-up scene. But we want to improve it.

The venture program is one of many major initiatives we have underway to improve CrunchBase. To learn more and join the program, visit the CrunchBase website.

If you would like to enroll your firm in the program, please tell us more about your organisation in this form.

And, if you feel like someone you know should be participating, please tell them. If you have further questions about the program, check out the CrunchBase Venture Program FAQ or write us at