Social Analytics Startup Rolls Out A Dashboard Just For Marketers

Social media analytics startup is getting serious about making its product available to different types of clients. The company, which provides a platform for measuring the effectiveness of their social media campaigns, has refined its technology to create a new product that is aimed at brands and marketers.

Until recently, had been mostly focused on developers and enabling them to better understand how their products were distributed through social media. But it’s been gradually shifting its business model to focus on big brands and advertisers.

But in shifting its strategy, it had to tweak its product a bit. For one thing,’s API-based approach generally required its users to have some sort of technical or engineering knowledge to take advantage of its platform. And even if they did, those clients generally didn’t need all the features that made available to them.

The new dashboard was developed with feedback from the social media teams at various big brands and agencies. Among them, BMW USA and HP provided feedback for the tools that were most beneficial to measuring the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. In particular, it stripped away a lot of the capabilities that were available in its old dashboard. for marketers – Hero

The new product focuses on attribution and conversion rates of various social networks — including Facebook and Twitter. It allows clients to see which channels have the greatest reach, which means counting all the likes, shares, tweets, and retweets. More importantly, though, it keeps track of various conversion and sales metrics based on social sharing. recently changed CEOs, with co-founder Jonathan Strauss stepping aside so that Fred McIntyre, a veteran industry exec from CBSi and AOL, could take over as CEO. Strauss remains as head of product management, and showed me a demo of the new product yesterday. counts companies like Say Media, Maker Studios, Topspin Media, StockTwits, and LocalResponse as its clients. The company has raised more than $6.5 million in funding from investors that include Upfront Ventures, Foundry Group, kbs+ Ventures, Neu Venture Capital, Social Leverage, and Apricot Capital.