Keen On… Brian Solis: WTF Is The Future Of Business?

Known as one of Silicon Valley’s smartest observers of social media, Altimeter Group analyst Brian Solis is now thinking way beyond Twitter and Facebook. The future of digital business, Solis says, is “shared experiences”.

Shared experiences. WTF?

Yes, exactly. In his lavishly illustrated new book (itself a memorable media experience), What’s The Future of Business (WTF): Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences, Solis reminds us that all new technology businesses must be experiential. Rather than Facebook, Solis says, the future is businesses like Uber which not only solve a problem but also provide a memorable experience. “Every time I get into an Uber car,” Solis says, “I want to hear stories from drivers.” And he’s bullish too about healthcare businesses built around quantified self technology like fitbit. Experience, experience, experience, Solis says. That’s the future of business.