Buffer Partners With Echofon To Make Tweeting More Convenient

Buffer, a social network scheduling startup, announced today that it is partnering with Echofon, a Twitter client with over 10 million users, to provide a smarter and more efficient Twitter experience.

Buffer users will now be able to share to Buffer via Echofon, where they can schedule Tweets, get analytics on click data and more. The partnership makes it even easier for power users and busy tweeters to share content with their followers.

If users schedule a tweet or retweet on Echofon, it will immediately connect them to Buffer and let them schedule a post. Buffer will then automatically publish the Tweet at an ideal time and give users analytics about the post.


“A big pain point that a lot of people have told us about and that I personally also often run into often is that there’re too many good Tweets,” Buffer co-founder wrote in a blog post today. “I have tons of great people I follow on Twitter and I want to reshare their Tweets. Doing so once is great, but 3-4 times in a row quickly overwhelms my timeline. So instead, with Echofon, you can now just hit the ‘retweet with Buffer’ icon and it’ll be scheduled for you well spaced out over the day.”

Buffer announced in April that it has over 600,000 users and that it makes six figures of revenue every month. Buffer is available via its new integration with Echofon, and with partnership with over 40 other apps, as well as Buffer’s browser extension.