Send In Your Questions For Ask A VC With Resolute.VC’s Mike Hirshland

This week on TechCrunch TV’s Ask A VC show Resolute.VC founder and investor Mike Hirshland is in the studio. As you may remember, you can submit questions for our guests either in the comments or here and we’ll ask them during the show.

Hirshland is the founder of Resolute.VC, a seed-stage venture capital fund launched in 2011. Portfolio companies include MessageMe, Bark, Inc, Bitium,, Homejoy, MessageMe and Smile by Webshots.

Prior to founding Resolute.VC, Hirshland was an early-stage investor at Polaris Venture Partners, and led investments in Automattic, Quantcast, Q1 Labs (acquired by IBM), Six Waves/Lolapps, KISSMetrics, Formspring, BlackArrow, Thing Labs (acquired by Aol) and Mail Bypass. Hirshland also conceived and led the San Francisco launch of Dogpatch Labs.

With his new fund, Hirshland has been open about the fact that he prefers being a lead investor in rounds and dislikes what he calls “headless” seed rounds that lack a lead investor (aka party rounds). We’re interested to see what his thoughts are on this trend and why entrepreneurs continue to raise party rounds.

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