New Relic Teams With Microsoft To Offer Performance Monitoring On Windows Azure

New Relic and Microsoft will offer performance anaytics to gain insight into the performance of native apps and websites running on Windows Azure.

The new performance package allows New Relic customers to:

  • Use a new optimized New Relic .NET agent designed for Windows Azure Web Site services.
  • Analytics for the performance of applications deployed on the Windows Azure Web Sites.
  • Support for iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • End-to-end visibility, from the individual mobile device to Windows Azure Mobile Services backend services.
  • Data from app users and sessions to see what users are experiencing.
  • Monitoring of HTTP app errors and performance problems, which can be as bad or worse than crashes.
  • Views of performance data by geography, carrier, device type and app versions to prioritize, isolate and solve problems with the app in question.
  • Monitoring of external services.

New Relic already provides app performance for the Windows Azure services and solutions. These include Windows Azure Virtual Machines, Windows Azure Cloud Services, Web and Worker Role Instances. They also offer integration with Windows Azure SQL Database, which is available as a plugin to send data to the New Relic Platform.

The news follows New Relic’s announcement last week about opening its platform for developers to build their own performance services for apps they have deployed.