Win A Case For The Unreleased Redesigned iPad

So I just got an iPad case in the mail. It’s for the iPad 5. That model is not out yet. But you can have this case anyway.

Of course I have no way of knowing if this will, for an absolute fact, fit the next iPad, but the chances are good. At best, you’ll win a case for the next iPad. Or, likewise, you could win a fun conversation piece.

As shown by this case and the dozens available on the Chinese bulk marketplace, Alibaba, the next iPad will feature a different factor. Reminiscent of the iPad mini, the next iPad will have a thinner side bezel and dual speakers flanking the center-mounted Lightning connector.

This particular case doesn’t have a space for a back-mounted camera flash. It’s also a quarter inch narrower than my iPad 2 — a rather telling fact about the size of the bezel considering this is a rugged case with large rubber pads.

Rumors state that the next iPad will come out later this year with fall the most likely timeframe. However, months before a device’s launch, Apple distributes the specs to several key accessory makers to ensure that the device launches with a large assortment of accessories. This has happened for years. But this is the first time a mainstream accessory maker (who will remain nameless unless they email me) has sent one to us.

Please note, you’re winning the case I have in my possession. I ripped the box when opening it. Sorry. The contest will end on July 1st.

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